Future Community Sports Complex

The Town of Dundurn seeks to retire its present Ice Rink and build a new Community Complex for the town and surrounding communities to use for sporting and event activities. The Community Complex will host amenities including a full size indoor ice rink with dressing rooms, skate sharpening services and access onsite to a planned fitness centre and other commercial spaces available for supporting a Lounge and Food Concession along with day care services.

The new Sports Centre steering committee are residents from the Town, RM, Shields and Thode and they meet the first Thursday of each month. There are several committees and sub committees to raise funds and help with building plans. New members are always welcome. If you would like to join or find our more information about how you could help, please contact Carolyn at [email protected].

You can help the community by donating through our secure payment processor, we sincerely thank everyone who helps!

FUTURE DUNDURN COMMUNITY COMPLEX BUSINESS PLAN – Click on the link to view the study on the proposed new Sportsplex and please remember to take our community engagement survey on the Town’s Facebook page.

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