Transfer Station

The transfer station services the R.M. of Dundurn and the Town of Dundurn. You must have a user number issued to you. The attendant will assign you a number with your confirmation of address and which municipality you live in. Residents of the Town of Dundurn will need to visit the Town Office to have a permit issued.

The RM of Dundurn owns and operates the facility. Please call (306) 492-2132 if you have any questions.

May 1 – October 31 Sat & Sun 9-5

November 1 to April 30 Sat 9-4 & Sun 10-2

All household garbage must be contained in closed garbage bags and secured when travelling to the transfer station.

  • tires and brake pads
  • batteries of any kind including rechargeable
  • paint, paint cans, including aerosol, solvents, paint thinners
  • household and landscape chemicals, flammables and explosive materials
  • pesticides and herbicides
  • building materials containing asbestos, cement, asphalt shingles, siding and flooring.
  • stones and concrete
  • fluorescent lighting, compact fluorescent bulbs and sodium vapor lamps
  • mercury-containing items: thermometers, pilot light sensors, barometers, thermostats
  • needles used for health care or syringes with biohazardous waste
  • PCB containing materials
  • photo waste (silver bearing)
  • manure, rotten hay bales
  • grain and fertilizers
  • dead animals, slaughter waste
  • tvs, computer monitors, laptops, printers, cell phones, gaming devices and microwaves
  • any furniture that will not fit in the bin

• newspaper
• cardboard – flattened
• photocopy paper
• boxboard; example cereal boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes
• flyers, magazines, books, catalogues
• envelopes
• rinsed cardboard milk containers
• clean metal food cans
• clean plastic juice jugs
• clean plastic tubs
• glass

• batteries
• styrofoam
• light bulbs
• plastic and metal clothes hangers
• tinfoil
• food container that cannot be washed clean
• fast food packaging, plastic utensils
• plastic shopping bags
• pots and pans, scrap metal, ceramics
• plastic flower pots and toys

The following items are accepted but in the designated areas only:

• metals
• appliances in an upright position
• clean wood -solid wood, lumber, and pallets that are unpainted, unstained, free of glue, and untreated
• brush and branches
• compost

Regular Household Garbage (Bags) – $2/bag Standard Black Bag

Household Garbage ½ ton truck – $25

Household Garbage Over ½ ton truck – $50

Roll off bin – $10 each bin

Whites (Fridges, Stoves, Freezers, etc.) – $25 each

Oversized furniture (Couches, Mattresses) – $25 each

Furniture (chair, small dresser) – $15

Barbeque tanks & other metals – FREE

Non-painted wood – FREE

Painted Lumber ½ ton truck – $25

Painted Lumber Over ½ ton truck – $50

Composting – FREE

Illegal Dumping – Revoking of Landfill permit & subject to $500 fee to reinstate permit

No Tires          

Used oil accepted in pails of 20 litres and under.

No drums unless you have a pump.


Transfer Station directions

  1. Drive into the Town of Dundurn.
  2. Follow 3rd Street all the way down onto the gravel road past the school.
  3. Exit right on Pryor Road.
  4. The Transfer Station will be located on the right.